At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Box of colours

Farrah’s little fingers ached everyday. They had to, when she was working fourteen hours a day in a local factory, assembling tiny chips in gadgets she would never use in her life. Her friends would quickly use their meager daily wage to buy whatever food they could but Farr ah was different. She had a dream. She would save a bit of money every day to buy those expensive box of colours she had seen at that big American shop. It was the only shop near the camp and was meant for soldiers but once a week it was open for all. Oh! How she longed to paint the skies, the house and the once beautiful fields her family had before war. It took just a day of air raid to tear apart her world as she knew it.Since then she had been living with her mother and elder brother in a refugee camp. No one mentioned her father, though she knew he was dead along with so many others. A sight of dead body on street no longer evoked emotion but just a wince on the face for the intolerable smell around. However, Farrah could not help cry every time. She had stopped talking to her brother out of fright since she had seen him shoot a dog one day. The poor creature was playing with some American soldiers earlier that day. Her thirteen year old heart was still sensitive as she ardently prayed for peace. She wanted to go back to her life where she could play with brother and go to school. Unknown to others, she nourished her dream to be a famous artist. She wanted to paint the world as she had always imagined it to be- happy. After almost a year of hardwork, she now had just enough money to buy her treasure box. The next day she wore her best clothes which were least tattered and tightly held her purse as she reached the shop. With hands shaking from excitement she pointed at the box and put the money on the desk. The American smiled at her but was puzzled with her request. ” Is this what you want sweetie? No chocolates like your friends ?” She silently pointed at the box again. ” Ok, here you go” said the guy and handed her the paints. She eyes shone with happiness as she hugged the box. Suddenly a scream pierced through her joy. ” In the name of Allah!” The man screamed again and fired a machine gun all over. The soldiers gunned him down almost instantly. No one was hurt except a small girl clutching a box of colours, now soaked in blood. They tried to pry open her fingers, but she lay there dead tightly clutching her box of hope. With nothing else to do, they just picked her up and put her body near a pile of others on a street so that anyone from her family could take it or leave it as they liked. She could never open her box of colours or she would realized that they had dried up long back.