At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

An eulogy for a life well lived

on January 7, 2014

“I may be alone but I am never lonely.” This simple yet profound statement by U. aptly described her life. Her warm smile and ever so compassionate heart could reach out to melt the coldest of beings. Yet, her spirit radiated not from bounty of fortunes but had been forged in the harshest of tribulations that life could offer. To a passer-by, U. might have come across as as an ordinary teacher who lost her husband and only daughter earlier than she should have; She might look like another life that snuffed out too suddenly, but that would just be the partial truth. Dr. Ikeda compares death of individuals to the cosmic drama in the universe, explaining that by sharing the same fundamental particles that stars are made of, we too die like them. However, it is for us to choose what kind of star we would like to be. People grow old, immersed in their petty achievements and worries till death comes knocking at their door and drags them silently to their grave, a shriveling dwarf star that the universe would have no memory of. There are others like U. who could embrace death with open arms since she had no regrets about life. Such a death is like that of a brilliant supernova, a death that becomes a cradle for new life of other stars. U. spent her days encouraging those around, and in her death she continues to inspire people who knew her. Her life is a story of living by giving, a poem of beauty through love and a light that kindled the flames of hope in so many hearts. In her simple, profound manner she showed that death can be a celebration of life. They say that one’s entire life flashes like a movie before one’s eyes at the time of death. She made her’s a movie worth watching. Death, after all isn’t an event that one encounters when everything is over, it is the culmination of moments, choices and thoughts that are a part of us since the day we are born. I am grateful for a beautiful reminder to live more fully, freely and joyfully by realizing my unique existence in this world; by being part of a most colourful fabric called humanity. “Day by day I am renewed, today I am born again.”


2 responses to “An eulogy for a life well lived

  1. Atreyee says:

    You have described her life in a spectacular way. We will all miss her. But I am sure she will be born again among us soon.

  2. Raji says:

    You mother shared your thoughts with me as I heard about it and wanted to read it….Your words have the power to awaken dormant areas for reflecting on life… Thank you so much..
    Usha ji will always remain because she always stressed on the transience of life.. there was no other way she could go but to show it as she has shown other virtues of courage, victory, pure heart and joy to us.

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