At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Nocturnal soliloquy

on September 13, 2013

Her eyes stared into the endless darkness,
memories and desires melting into indistinct yet clear shapes,
a figure dancing in the distance, imperceptible yet tangible to her senses,
a beckoning into the unknown, lingering notes of a music that left her wanting more,
yet the first rays of light scare her fantasies away, like dust scattered in the wind,
a cramped back greeted her, yet could it hurt more than an aching heart?
Did she ever wonder she would get so hopelessly caught in the quagmire of past,
a prisoner of her own thoughts, a refugee from a tomorrow she could not face,
a mirror that refused to look at the wrinkles, a denial of the time that no longer waited for her,
A solace sought in the land of dreams could only be as real as the echoes of laughter in her mind,
yet what was reality to someone who preferred the transience of waves lapping on a beach,
who would be enraptured by the fleeting beauty of a bubble,
the momentary dew drop glistening in light? No, reality would be a very pitiful substitute indeed,
so she returned to her abode, the dancing queen, this time the music lasted forever.


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