At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

A place under the Sun

on January 10, 2013

My time in the day is mostly spent trying to make it the next. I don’t remember my mother very well except that she disappeared from my life pretty early. There were some of “them” who would give me food when I was younger but then they moved away too. I was all alone again. Well, not alone; they were many like me hanging around the places where there was some chance of getting food and shelter but as usual there have been too many of us for too little of what we wanted. So, the bigger and stronger of us would normally get most of the share while the puny ones like me scrape whatever is left. I often see some of us living in nice houses with them and can’t help feel jealous. I don’t see how we are different. So, why do they love only some of us and not all? I tried being friendly with one of them once, but was hit so badly that I couldn’t get up for days. The older of us, who looks closest to my mother took care of me and asked me to stay away from them as much as possible. She said there are few creatures as treacherous as them. She wears an old collar but has never told me where she got it from. I think I know but don’t ask her about it. Nowadays food is getting scarce and they mix all kinds of things in it. Most of us get very sick after eating all that but it feels scarier to die of hunger. Still, I feel I am lucky to be the one who does not have babies because I saw one of us crying in pain when it had to give birth. The babies were so tiny and the mother was so weak but we couldn’t do anything except get some food. Then one day a monster-on-4-wheels came and they took away the babies. The mother tried to run after the monster-on-4-wheels but it just went away too fast. I haven’t seen her much after that. This winter has been hard for most of us. Even the strongest of us lie huddled in a corner and don’t bully me if I come too close. Despite all this, I have my moment of happiness when the sun comes out and I lie down on my favourite spot. It is a nice corner where they don’t disturb me. Today, it was a lovely morning and I felt happy just for that. But it seems, I am just not meant feel joy. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a monster-on-4-wheels came from nowhere began parking close to me. I got up in fright, and went a little ahead to curl up again but was shooed away by some of the little-them who take special pleasure in hitting us with sticks. I am now forced to take refuge in a dark, cold corner but I guess it’s not as cold as their heart. I had only longed for a place under the sun and now even that seems like a distant dream. They say that dogs can’t think much; well, I don’t see how far they have gone with all their thinking. I don’t know if i’ll be alive on the day when all of us, I mean ALL creatures will have an equal space under the sun, but I hope the day will come.

My life


One response to “A place under the Sun

  1. siddharth says:

    I’d be lying if I claim that my eyes didn’t well up while reading this…Its sad and yet beautiful…

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