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Chai Hojaaye

on October 8, 2012

Probably the earliest pleasurable memories of home are associated with the familiar aroma of tea and melodious clanking of spoons hitting the teacup as my mother would announce, “Chai chai garam chai …” Blame it on the Bengali genes of “adda” but tea-time has its special place in my life as it would be full of latest home-affairs, esoteric discussions, future plans and unplanned arguments; a tea-cup has it all. I realised my love for family tea-time only when I was deprived of it. Sitting alone at work and sipping the watery ghost of tea inspires new found love for family I never knew I had. The nonsensical chit-chats that mean the world to you when you miss them; the luxury of mock haggling over rationed pieces of biscuits, the act of coming together for the family ritual even as everyone had to go their own way… It is unquestionably a special time of the day. Even our most recent addition to the family in terms of our dog, Button got the hang of the daily dose pretty soon. The faintest sound of tea cups rattling on the tray brings her from any obscure corner of the house right onto the middle of the bed as the self proclaimed guest-of-honour. Then we try juggle between biscuits and tea while steeling our nerves as we resist her “melt-your-heart” looks that actually mean “put-the biscuit-in-my-mouth-for-best-results”. The talks invariably oscillate between serious philosophical musings usually initiated by brother to avoid the more difficult question of   his future career, a million dollar question according to my dad (who thinks that’s what it will cost him if my brother decides to spend the rest of his life as a Tolkien fan). Talks linger on various other topics till the dregs of the tea remind us to get our butts back into business. So we quietly get on the move except for Button, who can have the luxury to laze around and watch us leave. .. Well, not forever; We go our own ways but never fail to find our way back to the familiar cups of chai , the quintessential joy of life.


3 responses to “Chai Hojaaye

  1. Bharath Hariharan says:

    In my grandmother’s home it used to be coffee (or, in the “South Indian” style, “kaapi”) which was a ritual at least twice a day. But it was social only till when the television intervened, and then the laptops and the earphones. Occasionally there is a power cut or something and we “talk” again…
    I try to recreate that when I take coffee breaks here in the US, but a latte is not a filter coffee, and it hardly lasts ten minutes :P. But to me coffee is always associated with a slow lingering conversation, not bounded by the amount of time needed to gulp up the caffeine 😛

  2. siddharth says:

    I neither drink tea nor coffee on a regular basis.. But I have been witness to both – your Adda time and the love for “kaapi” down south… 🙂

    My family too, comprises of tea -lovers. Strangely, I didn’t inherit the joy of indulging in smaller vices .. But a 9 to 5 job is helping me cultivate a taste for ‘tapri-waali-chai’ and ‘coffee-machine-ki-coffee’ :p

  3. N says:

    🙂 This post made me happy. Chai-Biskoot for president!

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