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Spoonful of love for truckloads of trouble

on July 11, 2012

Those doleful eyes had fooled us the first time and they still do. She came into our tiny home all packed in a cardboard box and of course it took us just about a second to peek into the contents and we proudly adopted the “rescued puppy” as mom puts it. The “oh! So cuuuute” moment lasted only till the puppy assured to be “toilet trained” began peeing over every piece of newspaper she could lay her eyes on. Now, began the real hassles of owning a live stuff toy. She had to be fed, made to sleep by one’s side, cuddled and pampered in every way a child could be. I renewed my determination of adopting kids of age 2 rather than spending sleepless nights trying to get them to sleep! Slowly, Button, as her previous owners had christened her became a part and parcel of our daily life. However, just as our love for her would threaten to break records she would pull down the emotions a peg or two by peeing on the bed as sign of rebellion or happily chew away some of mom’s favourite chappals. Human nature however is quite resilient and my crazy family still found it quite easy to fall for those “puss-in-the-boots” looks which had the same evil intent in mind. All this was fine except for the dreaded walks which were equally loathed by me and my brother. We are generally quite involved in our own thoughts to fall prey to envy but this dog had managed to invoke more bestial qualities in us. We would be flying after Button in all directions possible while others would saunter around with their dogs with greatest ease. If this wasn’t enough, our darling would also manage to pee over other well-bred dogs if they ventured too close as her token of love and excitement. I would try to mask my horrified expression with nonchalance and end up looking plain constipated. As if these outside stunts weren’t enough she would gain a sudden manic frenzy by the clock in the evenings and instantly make the house look like a war ravaged zone. Our pleas, cajoles, threats and dad’s occasional corporal punishment consisting of some Jackie Chan moves with a paper roll only evoked what we termed doggy laughter. So clear the grin seemed to be on her face that mom began calling her the “Happy Dog”. Needless to say, she will always remain the child that needs utmost care and brings along with her a baggage of trouble. However, no matter how many times we think that we just brought a bag of problems with four legs and a tail, she wags it with the trust and happiness of a new-born. For all the other tantrums she might throw, there is perhaps nothing better than knowing that someone is always waiting behind the doors of home with the sole purpose of licking you all over with pure joy and fondness. It might be just a spoonful of love compared to the trouble she manages to create, but in a world so rife with hatred who wouldn’t want that precious ounce of unadulterated affection?


One response to “Spoonful of love for truckloads of trouble

  1. N says:

    Haha, Button is an adorable name! 🙂

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