At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

A yearning

on June 24, 2012

A hoarse whisper escapes her weary body,
The dry winds kiss her parched lips in vain
Her soul screams silently, her body shudders in pain
slowly she staggers to stand up amidst the sea of dead
Alone she makes her way, remembering the children to be fed
She recalls the yonder days when the dry river still sang a song.
she wonders how could greed make things go so wrong.
They take away their home, their forest and their land.
They urge them to ‘progress’ and tell them lies ever so grand.
No longer can she look into the hungry eyes of her kids
But how can she snuff the very life she bore,
fight she must even if the heavens forbid
fight she will even at her death’s bid
for she is the mother who wants her kids to live.
She is the mother who wants them grow to forgive.

P.S Dedicated to all the brave tribal women fighting against injustice of land appropriation by the government.


One response to “A yearning

  1. sid says:

    A very touching rendition of the difficult circumstances that tribals find themselves in… Very well written..

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