At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Girl at the station

on December 12, 2011

It was a crowded train she got on,
Her doll clasped in her arms.
The poor thing looked quite forlorn,
Perhaps the city life had lost its charms.
The deluge of shuffling feet, alone in a crowd,
She couldn’t quite stand the endless chatter
The empty laughter struck her loud.
A door opened, she gasped for fresh air
The rush of living tide had her ensnared.
As the door shut, she realised her doll lay outside.
The train moved away, its sound drowned her pitiful cries.
The eternal stampede never saw the nameless doll,
For in its crushed body lay the cause of man’s downfall.


3 responses to “Girl at the station

  1. abichica says:

    woooww!! it ends in pain and sorrow, its so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.. 😀

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