At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

As life goes on

on May 4, 2011

There are few things that make sense when one looks at the world upside down. Why does one boy get to be a prince and the other be a down syndrome case. US avenges 10 year old crime only to arouse another 1000 ready for a blood bath. In the end though, what matters to the lady whose hair has turned white over the years as she has been trying to teach the same 26 alphabets to her son for almost 40 years now? The hope is now a ritual that must be fulfilled as the dreams died long back. She switches on the TV and asks me “who is Osama”? Suddenly I can’t think of a reply that would make any difference to her because nothing would. Her life is to go on in the same track leaving me to wonder what it would take to embrace the world and feel happy for what’s left of it. Perhaps not too much except undying hope… Her son looks much happier on swings rather than learning alphabets.


2 responses to “As life goes on

  1. N says:

    What are their names? Where did you meet them?

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