At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Tasty Biscuits

on August 12, 2010

She was the queen of the day. The most gifted ballet dancer in the world. She descended from the stage to greet her fans. “Thank you for your support. I will continue to perform till the end of my life.” Exclaimed Adriane with a smile lighting her face. Suddenly the entire crowd transformed into the piggish face of Ms. Johnson and a menacing shrill noise shattered her dream. ” Serve the customers immediately you sloth !” Adriane quickly brushed away the tears pricking her eyes but a few always managed to land on the freshly baked biscuits. She had accepted her perhaps lifelong identity as a poor waitress but her heart couldn’t stop dreaming her desire. ” You know Mrs. Jenkins, I love the biscuits here !” Exclaimed Mrs. Roberts as her diamond studded fingers reached out to a plate of biscuits served. ” They are always a bit salty !” She smacked her lips in satisfaction and continued playing.


One response to “Tasty Biscuits

  1. siddharth says:

    Reminds me of Saki…

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