At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Shackles of freedom

on May 1, 2010

Her heart was at the wind’s mercy
Her thoughts as fragile as bubbles that blew away
she was free, they said
but was freedom the yearning of her soul ?
she knew not the dampness of tears
she never felt the warmth of a caress
“she is a saint!” they exclaimed
but are saints devoid of love ?
Her tiny feet could never rest at home
for her journey was never to end.
she was bound with shackles of freedom
pulling her towards the inevitable destiny;
Perhaps a trembling leaf felt her fear.
Perhaps the flowing river carried away her sadness
for the sigh that escaped her lips were lost in others cheer.


3 responses to “Shackles of freedom

  1. Satyaki says:

    None but those doomed to wander the lands in search of something just beyond their grasp, would understand the emotions that flow through your mind. I myself have had no such compulsions of loathing forced freedom…yet. On my part, I eagerly await the end of my tenure as a prisoner in my own home.

    • debbiebornfree says:

      The question is whether freedom really sets you free, thus begging another perspective of ‘happiness’ associated with it. When the soul is a prisoner of mind, freedom is just an illusion ..

  2. uj says:

    it might be an illusion but one that I sure don wanna b disillusioned from. Just love it – the freedom. Love ur writing. Its a pity u r not pursuing it as a career, the world cud use on talented one like u. But glad u r churning out ur poetry here atleast. thnx for tht.

    Hope u r fine. Been wanting to mail u sometime, just don get arnd to do it. soon soon. take care

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