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Breakfast and the lost youth

on January 3, 2010

Every morning I go to this nearby canteen for the standard cheapest breakfast available- Toasted Bread and coffee. No complaints since I love the triangular slice of butter they insert in the corner of the toast like a microchip. ( I haven’t seen this style of toast anywhere else) Anyway having a rather strong sense of smell and weak stomach, any pungent smelly food in the morning has me spilling my guts out, so I am happy with my bread. Everyone else around here prefer noodles reeking of beef or chicken thus earning themselves a disgusting but discreet glance from me. They obviously don’t notice or care but I have the satisfaction of maiming them in my mind for being such would be cannibals.
Anyway I guess its clear by now that to pass time while eating I like looking around and making mental notes of people around me. I have this fantasy of being a psychologist but since a B.Tech in bioinformatics is not taking me in that direction I guess this is the closest I will get. So here are my favourite set of people to watch- group of old guys above seventy sit at the same place everyday each with two cups of Kopi (that’s what they call coffee here, and they won’t give you a cup till you say it ‘correctly’) in a round table conference discussing what looks like the end of the world. I quietly take the next table to enjoy their chatter even though I don’t know what they speak (they talk in chinese). One might think what do I enjoy if don’t know what they talk. Well, its their expression- a knitted white eyebrow, a toothless grin, patting their hair or whatever is left of it and most important their eyes which look lost in the past while they seem lost about the future too. I finish my breakfast while they slowly lumber to the counter to get perhaps another cup of Kopi. I realize the moment we start living in the past, the present looks strange and alien. These old heroes would be fondly recalling their glorious days of youth but perhaps losing a bit of present in the process till the present becomes a part of past too.


2 responses to “Breakfast and the lost youth

  1. siddharth says:

    Many of us ,the so-called youth’, tend to dwell in the past too. Recalling fond memories when you are with a close group pf friends is one thing and ‘living’ those memories is another. Another way to look at our ‘present’ is that what we do ‘now’ are going to constitute the memories that we’ll have in the future 🙂

  2. Nithya says:

    Where ARE you now, Deborah?

    “No complaints since I love the triangular slice of butter they insert in the corner of the toast like a microchip”

    That is SO you 🙂

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