At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

Did they hear me sigh?

on January 2, 2010

My tired eyes rest on those distant lights
They look bright but I don’t feel its warmth
The cold wind whispers death in my ears
I blink but my eyes are too dry for tears
Figures dancing in merriment
Rich food of all sorts piled high
I clutch my empty stomach in pain
I try to walk away but all in vain
My legs don’t carry me further
My eyes dim as their laughter grows
I wonder if they heard my last sigh.
My wish for a little peace and joy


3 responses to “Did they hear me sigh?

  1. creativecynic says:

    There are many perfectly valid reasons for me to not visit your blog. Profound poetry like this is one of them. I do not wish to clutch my overfull stomach in pain and suffer from an ill-deserved inferiority complex. πŸ˜‰

  2. siddharth says:

    Touching. πŸ™‚

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