At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

The broken silence

on November 13, 2009

No questions, no answers. The tired sighs are the only sounds the traveller makes on his journey. The eyes look longingly at the horizon as the steep road is marked with his bleeding feet. Yet he does not take rest, there is no stopping him. His mind searches for answers that only the journey can answer. In the darkness and deathly winter of the world, his heart alone burns bright. Wasn’t he the only one after all, trudging towards the distant light ?

P.S I don’t why I wrote this or begin writing in this graveyard of a blog after so many months but I guess my heart chose otherwise. Here I am thus with my solitary entries and a wishful dreamy mind ..


One response to “The broken silence

  1. Ujwala says:

    I think if he had looked at the path he was walking along, he would have have noticed more than one pair of bloody footprints, of those who trudged along well before him, much like him, who followed the path, to their own horizons…

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