At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

The tears that never dried

on November 10, 2009

I always saw the image in shattered glass
The unspoken sorrow, my constant companion
The night in my life never came to pass
I wish I could find solace and peace
but the wound will never heal
I drown in my tears that never dried
longing for happiness i’ll never feel
I collect those shards in hope of repair
Alas! I only cut my heart in despair
Maybe now my soul will find freedom
beyond the fetters of body,
perhaps now the world will seem a better place
I am no more there


3 responses to “The tears that never dried

  1. Ujwala says:

    I could identify myself with it… Thumbs up…

    • debbiebornfree says:

      I guess that’s thing about misery, its common to all ! Happiness somehow eludes universal acceptance. Maybe its too hard to find outside and we never search within.

  2. Nithya says:

    Very true. Songs and poetry about sorrow are more easy to relate to, than those that ooze with joy.
    Beautifully written Deborah.

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