At the end of a rainbow

Lucy found her diamond sky

The deserted

on May 24, 2009

I listen to music, watch movies and think a lot… why ..? Because there seems to be shortage of people who slow down their pace to just think.. think about what we are and what we will be.. Given our frightening ability to forget it seems a horrid reality that we are on the verge of forgetting the humanity that makes us human.. I wonder how easily we have pushed the wars, genocides, massacres into pages of history like useless archives under the pretense of ‘moving on’. The tragedy ;lies in the fact that while we have moved on, our mentality remains the same. Thus while we continue to rip apart the humanity within us , only the means become more subtle. Can we really forget the hopelessness in the eyes of those victims, fail to hear their pleas for mercy, wash our hands of their blood? We all sit like spectators watching the world burn .. Its only when the bullet pierces our flesh or the bombs turning our homes to debris that we can join the silent cry for peace for the dead can’t speak… Those who wait for God to forgive them can await their redemption for eternity for God left this place long ago… The redemption lies in forgiving each other without forgetting what we are..


One response to “The deserted

  1. creativecynic says:

    indeed, your post speaks for a million other souls sick of the hypocrisy we call ‘peace’,’peace-building’, ‘compromise for a better future’ and all the other nonsense pompous MNC’s like the UN hawk about. Until we realise the full extent of our greed, and where it has led us, we will be trapped in the altercation between death and destruction. The only option left is for someone to bring a large loudspeaker at the next G-195 meeting, and yell our leaders to their senses,or blow them to hell, for more deserving and sane leaders to rise up. But knowing humans, they’ll probably end up like the ones before. Or else, how has the saga of blood and gore continued for so long?
    “If you want to cut your own throat, don’t come to me for a bandage. “-Margaret Thatcher

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